BLTP – Introduction

BLTP-The NeXT Gen Investment Strategy


As per the conditions of market now-a-days the best investment tools like SIP / STP / SWP are also not giving the performance.

The returns are very low or  -ve in almost all the funds. After making the research of the market for past 10-12 years we have developed an Investment Mechanism called BLTPTM [Business Link Transfer Plan] to get maximum returns from the market by controlling the fund inflow/outflow.

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For performing BLTPTM

1] You have to select 2 different schemes of the same fund house one is debt scheme in which we will park the initial fund and second is Equity scheme in which we will transfer certain amount on a specified date of each month as per instruction generated by the software.

2] By monitoring the performance of the account [folio] and market condition Our software will guide you on a specified date how much to be transferred to equity fund from debt fund [This process is called BLTPTM ]

3] By monitoring the performance of the account [folio] and certain market condition Our software will guide you how much profit is to be booked from equity fund to debt fund.

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In traditional systematic plans like SIP/STP we are investing whatever the market condition is Higher or Lower.

The basic theme of the SIP/STP is cost averaging by above method but due to above nature returns are also averaging.

Some latest versions [Flex/swing/step etc.] of SIP/STP are sometimes comes with value averaging. but it is also investing at any market condition.

In our software [ mechanism ] we have removed all the drawback of SIP/STP and also added the profit booking at certain market conditions and folio performance considering both together.

Due to above reason BLTP is giving the best performance among all the available investment tools including Portfolio Rebalancing.

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Various applications of
BLTP – NeXT Gen Investment Strategy

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