Respect the Market

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Respect the Market

BLTP-DAAP Respact the Market & protect your money,
BLTP-DAAP is working just like traditional Dynamic Asset Allocation but with some tweaks. In a new generation of Dynamic Asset Allocation BLTP-DAAP by using 6 parameters, NIFTY, NIFTY PE, PB, Div Yield, NAV and Entry point of an Investment, Risk Facor is derived every month and by comparing the risk factor deciding the asset allocation ratio and accordingly the transaction is executed. By using this mechanism we can respect the market and reduce the Market Risk.
BLTP-DAAP is best protection against market volatelity because when market risk is increased we shift our portfolio from Equity side to Debt side and assuring that the the risk is diluted and vis a versa when the market is having lower risk we are shifting allocation from debt to equity and encashing the opportunity.
BLTP-DAAP is most suitable for 3 to 5 year Investment Horizon.

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