Mutual Fund Investment Tracking Solution

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Mutual Fund Investment Tracking Solution

Since 2002 we are providing Back Office Solution for Mutual Fund Disributors called MFInvest-Mutual Fund Investment Traking Solution We are the pioneer and trand setter in MF-Back Office Softwares. We have introduced so many trand setting features first time in industry like,
  1. Eliminate entire Data Entry System by providing RTA Data importing facility which makes you Import Data and Ready to Reports.
  2. Consolidated Portfolio Valuation Report instead of Excelbased Detailed Reporting
  3. Started using XIRR - Most Scientific Method for calculating returns instead of CAGR which is used in Fixed Interval Investment Portfolios only not accurate for staggered investment portfolio
  4. And many more....
We at Business Link always belive that
  • If you do not change your self after changes - you will be finished
  • If you change your self after changes - You will survive
  • If you makes the changes before changes - You will be the winner.

  • Thats is why we are always Innovative and trend setter in MF Industriey.

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