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Why invest with BLTP?

We are working in to the Mutual Fund Industry since 2002 with introducing our first of that kind Trend Setter Back-Office Software - MFInvest with unique features like Importing RTA's Data, Consolidated Reports earlier all existing software were equipped with Manual Data Punching and Excel-base Reporting only

During 2008 - 2009 when the Global Stock Markets meltdown our BSE Sensex also dropped from 21000 to 8000 level. in spite of using SIPs and STPs I had suffered huge loss in my investments which I could not digest so I started Dissecting my Investment Portfolio for searching the reason why I have lost my money, even though I was having 300+ IFAs brain, and Shockingly found that while doing SIPs/STPs I was investing same amount regardless the market risk level which turns in to Poor Averaging and my belief on "SIPs/STPs are the best method for investment in all season" was proven wrong

After knowing the final output of my dissection of my portfolio I started to find the solution. The main reason behind the failure of SIPs/STPs was Not Respecting the Market and its Risk Factor, but First Rule of Investment is says Buy at Low and Sale at High. For respecting market one should Invest more when the market Risk Factor is Lower and Reduce the amount when Risk increases. TO follow the Investment Rule we have design a all new Investment Strategy Called BLTP - The NeXT Gen Investment Strategy. In BLTP we are using 6 Factors NIFTY, Nifty's PE, PB, Div Yield, NAV of MF Scheme and above All 6th and most important factor is Entry Point of an investment which will define the which strategy is suitable for an Investor. BLTP is design to fulfill every requirement of an investment. BLTP is versatile and safest mechanism for investing in Mutual Funds With Downside Protection.

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Why BLTP should be in your ToolBox?
BLTP is Tested and Trusted Investment Mechanism in Indian Mutual Fund Industry. This mechanism is satisfying Investors across various category from Retail Investor to HNIs. BLTP is widely used for achieving Financial Goals as well as getting Incremental Monthly Income with Higest Margin Of Safety (MOS).
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Faq / Frequently asked questions
Is there any option for getting Increasing Pension without Tension?

BLTP Is the Most suitable mechanism for getting Increasing Monthly Income because it is based on Margin of Safety and also having Risk-Averse* Approch which make BLTP the most safe and secure investment mechanism
Pension without Tension

* Risk averse is the description of an investor who, when faced with two investments with a similar expected return, prefers the one with the lower risk

Can we use BLTP for our Goal based Financial Planning?

By Using BLTP you will be ensure your Financial Goal achievement Being Safe and Secure Investment Mechanism BLTP is the most suitable for getting Incremental Monthly Income. Now-a-days BLTP is managing ₹1250+Crs across the industry

Can we use BLTP as an alternative to Traditional Savings tools?

Yes you can use BLTP as an alternative to traditional Saving Tools
BLTP-FAAP is the most suitable option for beating your FDs with higher returns and also most tax efficient way.- You may call it Entry point for FD Investor
BLTP-DAAP-SIP is the option available as an alternative to RDs - You may call it SIP with Risk Management

What are the various options are available?

Yes there are so many options like
1. BLTP For making surety of your Goal Achievement
2. BLTP-Magic for getting your Pansion without Tension
3. BLTP-OTMS for Managing Hsg Soc's One Time Maintenance Fund
4. BLTP-Salary-Advantage for managing staff's salary from an Investment
5. BLTP-DAAP is a Dynamic Asset Allocation Plan with BLTP Downside Protection
6. BLTP-FAAP is the most suitable option to attract Most conservative FD clients
7 BLTP-DAAP-SIP is the best suitable for RDs clients. SIP with Risk Management