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How BLTP is Born?

We are working in to the Mutual Fund Industry since 2002 with introducing our first of that kind Trend Setter Back-Office Software - MFInvest with unique features like Importing RTA's Data, Consolidated Reports with XIRR earlier all existing software were equipped with Manual Data Punchiing and Excel-base Reporting with CAGR only

In 2008 - 2009 during the Global Stock Markets meltdown our BSE Sensex also dropped from 21000 to 8000 level I had also lost my money even after using SIPs which I could not digest and started Dissecting my Investment Portfolio for searching the reason why I have lost my money?, even though I was having 300+ IFAs brain, and found that while doing SIP I was investing same amount regardless the market risk level which turns in to Poor Averaging which was not sufficient to protect my portfolio against the market fall and my belief of "SIP is the best method for investment in all season" was proven wrong.

After knowing the final output of my portfolio's dissection I started to find the solution. The main reason behind the failure was " My SIP was Not Respecting the Market and its Risk Factor ", and also not following First Rule of Investment which says Buy at Low and Sale at High. For respecting market one should Invest more when the market Risk Factor is Lower and Reduce the amount when Risk increases. To follow the Investment Rule we have design all new Investment Mechanism Called BLTP. In BLTP we are using 6 Factors NIFTY, Nifty's PE, PB, Div Yld, NAV of MF Scheme and above All 6th and most important factor is Entry Point of an investment which will define that which strategy is suitable to adopt for an Investor. By using all 6 parameters we are deriving Risk Involved in the current market situation and according to that we are taking calls for an Investment. This is how We are Managing The Risk while Investing process which makes BLTP The Safest Investment Strategy In Mutual Fund Industries BLTP is design to fulfill every requirement of an investment. BLTP is versatile and safest mechanism for investing in Mutual Funds.

This is how the Another Trendsetting utility for MF Industry - BLTP is born with 5 years(2008-2012) of hard working and deep study of various risk involved in MF Investments

MF Industry is now being active in Retirement Planning through MF and BLTP is providing Retirement Solution with Incremental Monthly Income since 2012 to their investors That is Why we call "BLTP-The NeXT Gen Investment Strategy"

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Benefits of BLTP
Responsible Investing

With BLTP Your Investment is done responsibly by respecting the market scenario.

We review Inv. monthly

BLTP runs on monthly bases & compare the Risk involved in Investment to make portfolio safe

Risk Averse Approach

While investing BLTP prefers the one with the lowerrisk

Retirement Solution IMI

Only Retirement Solution with IMI which gives you Incremental Monthly Income

Low Risk High Gain

BLTP Invest More when Risk is Low Less amount or Book the Profit when Risk is High

Safest MF Investment

BLTP's Margin of safety is highest among all traditional MF Investment tools

BLTP-The NeXT Gen Investment Strategy

BLTP - The NeXT Gen Investment Strategy is the most suitable strategy for achieving any financial goal with highest safety and higher returns.

In BLTP You Name it We Have it solution for any requirement of Financial Goals.

BLTP - Magic Pension without Tension

This is a Revolutionary Step towards Retirement Solution. As you read BLTP-Magic makes you Tension Free in your Retirement Life by providing Incremental Monthly Income. Which makes possible you to maintain your Life Style.

One Time Maintenance Solution for Hsg. Society

Just like BLTP-Magic BLTP-OTMS is also a Revolutionary Step in MF Industry. Through OTMS we provide solution to Hsg Society's big problem of how to maintain cash flaw for society's day to day business

Respect Market so Market will Respects

The biggest mistake in an MF investment is Not to Respect Market Risk. Your returns are the reflections of your behavior towards the market.

Gateway to MF for FD Investor

This will be the most comfortable investment tool for the Investor to switch from FD to MF because it will generat MF's Returns with FD's Safety

BLTP - Daap - SIP
SIP with Risk Management

There is a Misconception about SIP that it is Risk Free but it also involves Market Risk as well as Behavioral Risk.

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