December 2022

BLTP Financial Literacy Investment Lessons.

How Compounding Works?

In the last two Articles Volatility Part-1 and Part-2, we have discussed how it hurts our portfolio and how it prevents us to experience Real Compounding. Today we will discuss a real-life example.

In July 2020 I received a call from a new investor (He got my ref from my existing Investor) during the entire call he was complaining that “you all IFAs are good Story Tellers but when it comes to performance you all are below average.… Read the rest

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Is Volatility your friend or foe? – 2

Staying Invested.

As we see in the above table arithmetic average of all the scenarios is 10 which feels like in all the scenarios returns will be the same.

As we have discussed in an earlier blog how Volatility is hurting the Valuation of your portfolio. Volatility is acting like a Foe if we are taking it lightly. Market Volatility is not in our control then what to do?… Read the rest