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MFDs are Eklavyas of the current Era.

In 2017 I had started a project, “Abhimanyu”. On 3rd May 2019, during one of my BLTP Distributor Meet in Nashik, I had floated a pseudonym to MFD as Abhimanyu, who knows how to enter the market but never know how to come out of the market, which became very popular and used in so many webinars, by various mentors thereafter.

Nowadays, somewhat improvement is seen, and some of the MFDs have taken it seriously and started managing portfolios actively.

Now, the project Abhjimanyu is on the right track.

So, I have started working on a new mission to educate MFDs, which will be most relevant in the coming days for MFD’s survival. They should realise it before it becomes too late. I have given a unique name to my new mission, “Project Ekalavya.”

Now, I am saying, “MFDs are Eklavyas of the Current Era.”

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