July 2019


My letter to PM

Respected Sir

Citizen of any country needs
But above all they need to fulfil the above requirements is MONEY.


Managing Money is not as easy as Earning Money

I am in the financial field since 2002 and found that across the country the financial literacy is almost Zero. I have also studied that in a developed country like US also rate of financial literacy is very low.Read the rest

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Perfact Retirement Solution

Mis-Conception on Earning Retirement Salary:

What Retired person should have in their Retirement kitty? People are divided on whether they should be Cash Reach or Asset Reach at their Retirements.

Some think that a retired person should be Cash Reach while others think a Retired person should be Asset Reach.

I think a retired person should have to have their own house to enjoy their retirement with dignity and they should also have sufficient Corpus in terms of cash as well as liquid assets for getting their “INCREMENTAL MONTHLY INCOME“.… Read the rest