July 2020

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Secrets of Success in Investment – 1

Last Monday was 20 of July, we were celebrating the 51st anniversary of the man who landed on the Moon Surface. on 20 July 1969.

Man On the Moon

According to NASA they were knowing How to send a man on the Moon since 1962 but actually the launch of the Apollo 11 mission was possible on July 16, 1969, to send a man on the Moon.… Read the rest

BLTP Challenges to MF Distributors Eye Opening Think Out Of The Box

Interesting case of Behavior Management

Few days back I met One of my MFD client but he was disturb due to his clients behavior. According to him he tried  to “Manage Investor Behavior” and also educate the investor that “Downfall is temporary Growth is permanent” also tell him “DO not convert your Notional Loss in to Real Loss” but at the end investor has redeemed huge amount of his investment with losses.Read the rest

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How to manage Investors Behavior?

When market goes down all of us are coming with slogans like “Manage your Client’s Behavior” but have we ever think why our client’s Behavior is Changed like that?

Find the cause so we can manage it

When we go to doctor for any treatment Dr always ask some questions to find the cause of your illness. If Dr treat us without knowing the cause, we will never be cured properly.… Read the rest