How to Read Information properly

Nowadays there is too much information is available and it becomes very difficult for a layman to analyse and interpret it.

Another problem is that everybody is taking the different meaning of the same set of data, which is suitable to him and publishing it in such a way that it could benefit them.

The difference between the Novice and the Expert is their ability to quickly determine what’s relevant and what’s irrelevant

Always keep your Eyes, Ear and Brain open while going through the information.

Keep your Eyes open and Read everything which comes across.

Keep your Ear open and Listen to everything which comes across.

Don’t forget to use Brain and analyse and filter which is relevant and irrelevant information.

Train your brain to view the matter as it is from all angles.

I don’t want to criticize anybody but want to educate the IFAs/Investors that just go through the information and read it properly with your own thinking without being influenced by anybody.

If you read the above infographic you will definitely think that market would be gained too much but in reality, see the bottom one chart you will understand the fact.

It is clearly seen that if your market faces a correction of 60% (61%) it requires 150% (156.41%) gain to reach the older level.

For study purpose pl go through the following table. More falls in the Market and its recovery after fall. How much the returns are generated during the entire period

Correction Delima - 2

Now you can understand that if you don’t go through the reality it might be different.

One more infographic was coming across a few months back saying that 95% of Direct SIPs are getting closed within a 5-year span. Which was clearly misinterpreted. The information was that how many sips were started every year. In 2013 started 5% of the total Sips when the direct plan was introduced, running on that day, were initiated. Anybody using common sense can say how can 100% of running SIPs could be 5 years old

It is necessary to be alert and keep away yourself from being a victim of a market trap.

While reading infographics this sentence is 100% true. Be careful otherwise you will be trapped.

Next time we will discuss “Three ways the people read the Information as per their Mindset or approach“.

What is stopping MFDs from becoming limitless Advisor?

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