How to read Information?

In the last blog, we have seen that how people use to read the information. In this blog, we will elaborate on the Approaches adopted by various people during the analysis of the information. I have seen, three types of analysis were done using three different approaches.

What your mind does not know, your eye cant see.

For example, see the Data Points given below and see how the people read them.


The First one is Positive Approach.

Just Matter of month

A Positive Approach will make us blind to see the fall and force us to see opportunities even in small volatility and encourage us to invest, which leads us to make our portfolio a bit costlier, and hence reduce the returns, and also make us cashless when real opportunity knocks the door.
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The second one is the Negative Approach.

Gone with the Wind

Last 5.5 year’s income vanished in just 2 months, All Gone with the wind.

A Negative Approach will make us fearful and keeps us away from investing even in a drastic fall of the market when the opportunities knock on the doors, which leads us to missing opportunities.

The last one is a Realistic Approach.

Being Realistic

A Realistic approach will help you understand the risk involved in the market and help you make the right decisions.

Once we develop a Realistic Approach in our investing, our investment becomes safer than the other approaches. Sometimes we might be

Once we develop a Realistic Approach in our investing, our investment becomes safer than the other approaches. Sometimes, we might be lagging behind others in the bull phase, but while Disruption, we will be safer than others, and after Market Recovery, we will become the leader in investment.

A person with a realistic approach can earn more than the other two.

There is only one way to be the successful Investor or Advisor
Being Realistic, instead of Optimistic or Pessimistic
– Shailesh Sampat

Being positive is not bad, but ignoring the facts is definitely. Sometimes a person with Positive Approach will consider a Realistic Approach as a Negative Approach. There is the only difference between Positive and Realistic approaches, handling the negative events. – known as an ostrich mentality. A positive person will close their eye and start dreaming about recovery and gaining old values when the market gets recovered, but the person, with a realistic approach, will start action needed and encash the opportunity.

What is stopping MFDs from becoming limitless Advisor?

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Most important note: The objective of this blog is to share knowledge and info about new ideas/opportunities in Mutual Fund. Neither is this trading website, nor an analyst website, nor an advisory website. For Mutual Fund Investment success, always do your homework, own analysis, and make your own decisions.

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