Learning from Google Map

We all are very familiar with Google Maps, and it becomes an essential part of our day to day life. Whenever we are going for an outing, it will be with us being a navigator. Google Map will guide us throughout our journey by suggesting various routes with traffic details.

During the journey, if something goes wrong in the road traffic condition, Google Map will change the suggested route and prepare a new route with lesser problems.

While suggesting the route, Google Map is considering that how to reach the destination at the earliest. It also confirms that fewer problems are in the route. Only short cuts are not the priority.


Google Map could be the best mentor of an Investor. The things to be learnt from Google Maps while investing are:

Always Be focused on the target. Always keep your focus on your Goal, never forget why are you investing. Always takes the decisions based on your goals only.

If there is an obstacle or roadblock, divert the root, not the destination. While investing journey will always be volatile, Be prepared for that and adopt the strategy for protecting the portfolio from volatility, just like Google Maps keeps your journey safe from traffic problems and obstacles. Google never focused only on the shorter time of journey, the same way our focus while investing should not be hefty returns only.

Do you know how Google is suggesting new routes so quickly? Google Map is well prepared with data that affect the smooth journey and having a perfect strategy for making the journey smooth hence always keeping alternative options open and handy. Google Map is not rigid on the route same way never be rigid while investing adopt a strategy for making your investment journey safe and smooth.

Sometimes long routes can also help to reach the destination on time.

In an investment journey, Equity is not always on the winning side, so design your strategy. in such a way that it will keep watch on your portfolio’s risk factor. Change the tracks in line with the risk factor’s ups and down ahead of your investment journey.

The best lesson we can learn from Google Map.
It is most important to reach the destination safely, whether it may be in Travelling or Investing.
The only return should not be in focus. We don’t need just returns. We need optimal returns.

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