MOS is Vighnaharta in Investing.

Yesterday, Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated as the Birthday of Lord Ganesha, who is also known as “Vighnaharta”, which means the destroyer (Harta) of all the obstacles (Vigna). In Hindu philosophy, worship of Ganesha is done at the beginning of any good task and praying for the task is completed without any hurdles.

While Investing also we are having so many hurdles and obstacles. To face this, we all should worship the lord MOS, which will save us from disruption in all the downfalls of the market.

Now you would be thinking, who is the lord MOS? You have never heard about it and how to worship the Lord MOS?
The MOS, the first worship performed by Warren Buffett’s Guru Benjamin Graham, and Buffet keep following his tradition. Yes, now you understand, it is Margin Of Safety.

Benjamin Graham is known as the father of Value Investing, which was later used by Warren Buffett and became the richest man on the earth. MOS is the core of value investing. Buffet has said that it is one of the “cornerstones of investing”.

Now, the big question is, how to worship lord MOS? First of all, you have to understand what is MOS?
How much is the market price of a stock below the estimated intrinsic value, known as The Margin Of Safety? If one could buy a stock at a discount to its intrinsic value, he would limit his losses substantially.

Now come to the next big question, how to worship lord MOS? First of all, you have to clean up your mind against the market movement, whether it is up or down. It is just the market’s characteristics focus on value. Your downside is protected once you achieve MOS. This way, your losses are minimised.

This way, MOS is Vighnaharta in Investing. While worshipping, you have to be patient, just like, until the word “swaha” is spoken, you are not putting anything in havan kund. Do not buy until the MOS is achieved. Never buy blindly, just because the market is 5% down.

I wish you all blessed on this Ganesh Utsav for following Graham and Buffet’s way and applying MOS in the investment process.

We all are quoting Warren Buffett for encouraging investors for Investment, but in reality check nowadays, he is sitting on cash, which is more than half of his current holding, because he is not seeing values in current market conditions.

Wishing all the best wishes for Ganesh Utsav.

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