April 2020

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SIP – The Journey from Laziness to Active Management part – 1

If you want to finish the creativity of anyone, you don’t need to do anything special like Dronacharya does with Eklavya in Mahabharat, asked him to cut his thumb for GuruDakshina, just teach him how to earn money without pursuing any task.

The above line is totally suitable for the MF industry, including AMCs. Since they have learnt how to Read the rest

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Learn to invest in various stages of the market. – 1

“When one understand the difference between Volatility, Correction and Bear Market, he/she could grab the opportunity, otherwise what you think Mauka (मोका) will turn in to Dhoka (धोखा)” – Shailesh Sampat

To elaborate why I am writing this in current market situation, first of all we should understand what are the Various Stages of the market.
We can divide the Read the rest

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The Biggest Blunder in Market…

When the stock market is at its top and all the figures are not supporting the market level then players start throwing various positive news/stories and try to run the market on that news/stories. Sometimes experts come out with a big trap of numbers. First of all see the following table, just a few days back published on social media, … Read the rest